Functional Capacity Evaluations & Ergonomics

Rehab Professionals of Cleveland Inc

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are an invaluable tool used to objectively measure a person’s physical abilities when they are beginning or returning to activities following an injury or illness.

Our exams take the guesswork out of determining whether someone is ready to return to a previous job by:

  • Establishing a safe level of work intensity for injured workers
  • Identifying impairments limiting function
  • Identifying possible interventions to optimize function
  • Identifying inconsistent test effort or functional limitations not caused by allowed conditions.

Our FCE reports provide a concise summary of an individual’s level of physical abilities, with objective measurements of many functional activities.

We use validated test protocols to perform comprehensive evaluations or modify the exams to perform job-specific FCEs.

If needed, our exams also can be performed on-site to more accurately measure performance on specific job duties.


Rehab Professionals of Cleveland Inc

Ergonomic Accommodation Studies

On-site workplace assessments to determine administrative and environmental accommodations, which can allow workers with temporary or permanent restrictions to return to work and perform their jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

Ergonomic Job Analyses

On-site assessments to quantify the work demands of selected jobs. These services establish criteria for using post-offer screens, FCEs and ergonomic accommodation studies in determining return to work, employment or job accommodations.

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