Direct Access


Physical therapists can treat your injury or condition without a referral from a physician.

In the state of Ohio, you can simply schedule an appointment with the therapist of your choice, and in most instances, your insurance benefits are the same with or without a referral.

Direct Access to physical therapy has many advantages:

  1. Greater Access to Care: Direct Access gives you more professionals to choose from to help you with an injury or chronic condition. You can now begin your treatment with your primary care physician, specialist physician, or physical therapist. You have the power to pick your professional.
  2. Early Access to Care: At Southwest General Therapy Services, we know you want immediate pain relief and restoration of function. Our goal is to see you within 24 hours so you can perform your daily activities, get a good night's sleep, or get back to work. Even if you require medical care, our physical therapist can usually help reduce your pain and begin your healing process at your first visit.
  3. Reduced cost of Care: Studies demonstrate reduced costs for people who begin their care with physical therapists. If you have a high deductible insurance plan or a plan with co-insurance, costs can add up fast. Our physical therapists can help you without extra expensive tests while also educating you about many at-home treatments and exercise programs to reduce your expenses.
  4. Second Opinions: While you may eventually seek medical advice for your condition from a physician, your physical therapist will perform a thorough physical examination focused on your problem and can give you extra advice on treatment of your condition. Since we work with hundreds of physicians from nearly every health institution in Northeast Ohio, we can also help you find the right physician for you.

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